What to pack in your carry on

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With FlySafair, your fare comes with a free 7kg carry on bag.

Want to make the most of your carry on? Check out this list of must-have items to put in your carry on luggage.

Things to put in your carry-on:

– Wallet.

– Cash: You might need it to buy snacks or drinks on board, or at the airport.

– Sunglasses.

– Driver’s licence, ID or passport.

– Phone, charger and ear buds: download some games or music for airport and flight entertainment.

– Keys: but make sure you only carry the necessary keys, such as car keys (if your car is staying at the airport) and house keys. A heavy bundle will just weigh you down.

– Clothes: An extra set of clothes can come in handy in the event something messes on your clothes, or your checked bag doesn’t end up at your destination.

– Gum or sweets: Chewing gum or sucking on a sweet will help if you have any ear issues due to the air pressure changes.

– A book, magazines or an e-Reader: Good for airport and flight entertainment.

– Light scarf, sweater or blanket: it can get cold on a flight and one of these could make a big difference.

– Snacks: If you are a fussier eater, or want to make sure you have healthy snack options, pack your own as you might not get what you prefer at the airport or on your flight.

– Toiletry Bag: A little bag of toiletries, can come in handy. Pack a small hand cleanser, wet wipes, adhesive bandages, antiseptic cream, antacid tablets, pain killers, motion sickness pills (even if you’re not normally prone to motion sickness), chronic medicine or prescription medicine, tissues, body lotion, travel-sized body wash, travel-sized shampoo, toothbrush, small tube of toothpaste, and lip balm.

– Notepad and pen.

– Extra contact lenses or spectacles: Packing an extra set will be a blessing in the event that you break your glasses or lose a contact while on your trip. If you wear contact lenses, also take some safe-eye drops as the air in an aircraft can dry out your eyes.

– Ensure your carry-on has a ‘return-to’ tag on.


Important information for your carry on: Your carry on bag should not be more than 56 x 36 x 23cm. Regulations allow for you to take two pieces on board with you, the combined weight of which should not be more than 7kg. Thus you could take a handbag and small suitcase, or a small suitcase and a slimline laptop bag, for example.

Please note: Over-sized carry-on bags will attract a fine at the boarding gate.

Some items are not allowed in carry on luggage. Click here to check out what is considered dangerous goods.