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How to get to Oudtshoorn

Fly to the George Airport and drive North along the N9 for 18,1km and then turn left onto the N12 for a further 33,4km.

About Oudtshoorn

In the heart of the Little Karoo lies the historical town of Oudtshoorn. A peculiar claim to fame, the town of Oudtshoorn was largely established around Ostrich farming which hit a boom in about 1865.

Things to do in Oudtshoorn

Many Ostrich farms still exist today and visitors are invited to come and learn about these fascinating creatures. Beautiful Ostrich crafts from feathers and leather are available all over town and the opportunity is even there for those brave enough to even ride an Ostrich.

Ostriches are not the only animals that this small town is famous for. Indeed the local Cango Wildlife Ranch also gives visitors the opportunity to get up close and personal with both Crocodiles and Cheetahs.

The Cango Caves, situated in the gorgeous Cango valley, are a collection of dripstone caverns that you have to see to believe. These incredible rock formations are both unusual and breathtaking. Two types of tours are available, a heritage tour and a more challenging Adventure Tour, but early booking is a must.

More than wildlife and natural wonders, Oudtshoorn also offers a rich window into South Africa’s history. Here one can bear witness to everything from the rock paintings of the Griqua people all the way to the mansions of the rich Ostrich Barons of the mid-1860s.


How much it costs

Flights from Johannesburg to George start from R499 and flights from Cape Town to George start at only R399.
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