FlySafair The Grand R2 Sale – FAQs

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FlySafair The Grand R2 Sale

Here are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions regarding the FlySafair The Grand R2 Sale today (23 June 2016):

– Sale starts at 9am

– There is no promo code required – simply search for flight dates

– Tickets include taxes only – no checked luggage

– Flights between now and end September only

– Tickets on selected flights only, but across all routes

– People will have to wait in a waiting room to get access to the site

Only Credit Card and SID payments accepted

– Sale ends at midnight or once all tickets are sold


I want R2 tickets

R2 tickets are only available through our website today, but normal tickets can be booked through our call centre on 087 135 1351. Please note that we do anticipate high call volumes today and please note that the call centre is not able to sell you R2 tickets.


Why are Tickets only Available on your website?

Selling the tickets through our website only is the most responsible way to do this to avoid dangerous crowds at our sales offices and because we need to keep our phone lines open for people who need help with existing bookings.


When are the R2 tickets?

R2 Tickets are available on flights between now and 30 September.


How do I find R2 tickets?

You can search for the route and dates that you want to see if there are R2 tickets available on the specific flights you want. Alternately, use our low fare finder, located below the pink banner, to get a view of where the R2 tickets are on flights over a full month.


What flights are there R2 tickets on?

R2 tickets are on selected flights only and are only while stocks last. There are 15000 tickets for sale and it’s first-come first-serve. Our website has a low-fare finder tool that you can use to locate the cheap tickets.


What routes are the R2 tickets on?

There are tickets on every route, but there may not be tickets every day.


Can you change R2 tickets?

R2 tickets can be changed later but a change fee of R300 per flight will apply and so will the difference in fare – so you will ultimately be buying a full price ticket plus paying R300 extra for the change.


Why can’t I pay at Pick n Pay or Checkers?

Only credit card and Secure Instant Deposit payments will be accepted, other payment methods have been disabled because the payments do not reflect immediately which compromises our systems given the volumes of sales we expect today.


I can’t get onto your website

We are running a massive sale today and there are very high volumes of traffic on our site. As a result we have implemented a virtual waiting room. If you go to the site you will be given a number in the queue, and you’ll have to wait your turn to get onto the site. Our call centre can however help you book normally priced tickets. Call our call centre on 087 135 1351. Please note that we do anticipate high call volumes today and please note that the call centre is not able to sell you R2 tickets.


It’s not fair that you only have 15000 tickets available…

The company reserves the right to offer special discounts on as many tickets as we feel fit. It would be impossible to sell all our stock at this price as the airline wouldn’t be sustainable. We do often have great specials and we recommend signing up for our email newsletter to be informed of them.


Is Luggage included in the R2?

Airport taxes are included in the R2 as is 7kg of carry-on luggage, but checked in bags and other extras are not included – you will need to pay for those services separately.


What’s the Promo Code?

There is no promo code required to access the tickets – simply search the dates and routes you are interested in, or use our low fare finder to find the R2 tickets. You can access the low fare finder by using the search boxes below the pink banner.


Can you cancel my existing Booking so that I can get a R2 ticket?

Apologies, our tickets are non-refundable and the R2 sale is only available on new bookings.


It’s not fair – I paid full price yesterday and now you put your flights on special!

We know it’s frustrating when something you buy goes on special the next day. Please know though that the tickets are limited and only available on certain flights so there’s no guarantee that you could have gotten a R2 ticket on the flights you had wanted. We do often have great specials and we suggest signing up for our email newsletter to be informed of them.


Are you running a special because your airline is going bankrupt?

Not at all – FlySafair is very healthy. We just launched new flights between Lanseria and Cape Town and Lanseria and George and will be acquiring two new aircraft to service these routes. This special is merely a promotion for the airline.


Is your website down? I keep getting kicked off.

No our website is still active and we have very high volumes of traffic. If you are experiencing problems it could be due to either your connection, or your browser. We recommend using Chrome on a ADSL line.


I lost my space in the queue and now I’m at the back again!

We’re so sorry to hear that, it must be very frustrating. Unfortunately there’s nothing we can do about that, we ask that customers keep an eye on their space in the queue and purchase tickets as soon as they get in.


Is this a Scam?

No, this is a real sale. 15000 tickets are available through our website for R2 including airport taxes.


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