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The Grand R2 Sale

FlySafair R2 Promotion Terms and Conditions

FlySafair R2 Promotional Fares are only available for booking through FlySafair’s website on No bookings can be made via the FlySafair Call Centre, Head Office or Ticket Sales Offices at the various airports.

The R2 fare includes airport taxes and 7kg of free carry-on luggage subject to the airline’s size restrictions. All extras including, but not limited to, checked in luggage, SMS notifications, car rental, pre-selected seating, insurance, priority boarding and upgrades to tickets that can be cancelled are excluded.

Demand on our website will be high during the sale period and your patience is appreciated.

There is no promo code required to take advantage of the FlySafair R2 sale.

Simply search the routes and dates that suit you from the homepage. You can leave the promo code box empty as it is not required.

R2 fares are displayed in the column to the right of the ordinary fares. If there are no fares listed that means that those R2 fares have sold out on those flights and only the normal fares are still available.

This Promotion runs from 09h00 on 23 June 2016 until 23h59pm 23 June 2016, or until all pre-determined promotional fares have sold out (the “Promotion Period”).

Promotion is only available on new bookings.

Only credit card and Secure Instant Deposit (SID) payments will be accepted during the Promotion Period.

FlySafair retains the right to discontinue this Promotion at any stage.

Flights are available for travel up to 30 September 2016.

The Promotion is available on selected flights only, and FlySafair retains the right to make those selections.

Flights are subject to availability and sales are on a first-come first-serve basis. Our system will award inventory to the first user who successfully completes payment for their flights.

A minimum number of 15,000 (fifteen thousand) individual flight sectors have been made available at the Promotion price, where an individual flight sector is a journey from one destination operated by FlySafair to another also operated by FlySafair.

To protect the integrity of our website we have created a virtual waiting room where customers may need to queue to gain access to the site. There is no mechanism to gain preferential placement in the queue. If a user loses their place in the queue for some reason, they will have to join again from the back of the queue. Your patience is appreciated.

Our Call Centre service fee will be dropped for the day for new reservations, so that people who want to make normal full-price bookings can do so without waiting to gain access to our site. Our call centre can be reached on 087 135 1351.

While we have maximized our call capacity, we do anticipate high call volumes through our call center and your patience is greatly appreciated.

If, once you have gained access to the website, you are inactive for a period of time on the site you will be redirected back to the waiting room to give someone else in the queue the chance to access the sale.

FlySafair reserves the right to restrict the number of concurrent users on the site to a level that we deem appropriate to maintain the integrity of the site.

FlySafair takes no responsibility for the integrity of the user connection. Should the user connection be interrupted resulting in a failed session, FlySafair will not be liable to honour any intended ticket purchase.

Once reaching the waiting room do not refresh the page as you might lose your place in the queue.

Users on mobile phones should be aware that when the screen locks, you will get redirected to the back of the queue. It may help to change your Screen Lock Settings.

You are only allowed one booking per session. Once you complete a booking, you will be placed back into the queue before being able to access the site again.

The Promotion price includes VAT on the airfare and all applicable airport taxes.

No refunds will be issued in respect of the Promotion.

Any flight modifications will be subject to our standard penalties, fare differences, change fees, and any differences in taxes not initially charged under the promotion.

All reservations are final and it is the responsibility of the user to ensure that flights are booked on the intended dates and in the intended directions.

In the event of a flight cancellation or changes to the schedule on which you have purchased a R2 ticket, you have to be carried at the earliest opportunity on another of our scheduled services on which space is available, either on the day in question, or on the following day, on the same route as per the original booking to the same destination on which space is available without additional charge.

All terms and conditions as stipulated in FlySafair’s “terms and conditions of booking and carriage“, and “terms and conditions of website use“, will apply in addition to these specific terms and conditions.

This Promotion is not applicable to group bookings. There are a specific number of seats allocated per flight and users are limited to booking for no more than 10 passengers per booking.

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